El Grito Mexicano de Independencia
Celebrate with us the Mexican Independence


We have invited some of your favorite peformers from varied musical styles to celebrate the Mexican Independence.

Gloria Trevi

Often hailed as "the Mexican Madonna," Gloria Trevi was not only one of the most daring and cutting-edge Latin stars of the '80s and '90s; she may very well be the most controversial figure in the history of Latin pop and rock en español.

Trevi was born Gloria de los Angeles Treviño on February 15, 1970 in Monterrey, Mexico, an industrial city in the northern part of the country.

By 1993, she had sold more than five million albums overall. The Mexican Madonna was selling out large venues all over Latin America, where she embraced mostly Spanish-language material but also performed covers of songs by Zeppelin, the Doors and other English-speaking rockers on stage.

Like Madonna--who she has often been compared to--and Prince, Trevi promoted sexual freedom in a very in-your-face way.

Performing on Saturday (9/15) at 9:45pm; Website: www.gloriatrevi.net

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Beatriz Adriana

Beatriz to perform her traditional Mexican style songs.

Beatriz Adriana Flores was born in Sonora, Mexico in 1949. She came to Mexico City from Tijuana, Baja California in the early 1970's as an attractive brunette Ranchera-Norteña singer and actress.

Beatriz Adriana made more than a dozen films between 1977 and 1983, returning for several home video movies in the early 1990's.Beatriz Adriana was formerly married to singer and composer Marco Antonio Solís, and retired from show business, but returned to performing in 1999.

Performing on Saturday (9/15) at 8pm; Website: Profile on Myspace

Carmen Jara

Carmen to perform her popular new Mexican folklore style songs.

Known as a member of the new Mexican folklore, singer Carmen Jara got involved in show business while singing at small venues in Tijuana. At the age of 16, the young performer moved to Mexico City, getting a scholarship to improve her skills. After her family settled in the U.S., Carmen Jara began taking singing classes. Around the same time she recorded her debut album, called Herencia, and soon after signed up to Fonovisa, debuting with La Mujer...El Nuevo Folklore de Mexico and 1994's Y Tú Te Quedas.

The Latin artist consolidated her popularity with the release of Mujer Enamorada in 1996 and Con Sentimiento in 1997.

Performing on Friday (9/14) at 8:45pm; Website: www.carmenjara.com

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Italia Renata

Italia Renata effortlessly reels the listener into her world with a soft mellow sound full of magnetism. Her distinctive voice soars in the album’s title track “Mala Praxis”, a rhythmic ballad with a marked underlying sound of ranchera. “Soy Rebelde” finds Italia flirting successfully with her native language, English and lyrically exposes the angst felt by any person in their teens.

Her vocal range transcend musical style in “Tu Me Gustas”, “La Mosca” and “Juguete”, where the more mature tones of her voice are presented in a vibrant and youthful platform of sound and harmony.

Performing on Saturday (9/15) at 7:30pm; Website: www.italiarenata.com

El Cucuy

Popular Morning DJ in one of Los Angeles Spanish music radio stations with his frank and blunt style is our Master of Ceremonies.

Bio: Este estilo franco, alegre, campechano y sincero, basado en una impresionante capacidad de improvisación y sensibilidad para con sus oyentes, le sirvió a Renán como escalera sólida hacia el éxito en el mercado hispano más grande de Los Estados Unidos. Desde el lanzamiento de su programa por las mañanas, el Cucuy ha logrado un éxito sin precedents en la historia de la radio en español en este país norteamericano. El se ha convertido en el locutor más escuchado del país alcanzando niveles de sintonía nunca antes vistos, arrasando a su paso a todo programa incluyendo a aquellos que se transmiten en ingles.

Website: www.cucuy.com

Additional Performances By:

  • Juan Mendoza
  • Gabriel Solis
  • Laura Zaizar
  • El Mandril
  • Lupita del Castillo
  • Erika Garza
  • La Huerquilla


El Grito de independencia
Celebrate with us the Mexican independence!

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