El Grito Mexicano de Independencia
Celebrate with us the Mexican Independence


Confirmed list of Artists for El Grito 2008:

Patrulla 81

Patrulla 81 nace en la ciudad de Durango Durango el mes de septiembre de 1981 Dirigido desde entonces por José ángel medina con más ganas e ilusiones de ser parte del naciente movimiento grupero que recursos económicos, es por esto que ante la necesidad de aprovechar su primer oportunidad de grabar su primer disco utilizan el melodeon: instrumento de viento similar a un pequeño piano y que es utilizado básicamente como instrumento educativo en las escuelas, es así como se graba el primer disco de larga duración del cual se desprende el primer sencillo titulado “ojitos provincianos” el cual contra todos los pronósticos se convierte en todo un éxito en la capital del estado donde nunca antes las agrupaciones musicales tocaban este tipo de música por considerarla de muy poca calidad y de origen campesino. El nombre de patrulla está basado en una popular serie de televisión llamada “CHIPS” en estados unidos y traducida como “PATRULLA MOTORISADA” en México, posteriormente se le agrego el número “81” por el ano en que iniciaba el grupo su carrera.





Marisela's early career was helped immensely by the famous Mexican TV show of Siempre en Domingo by Raúl Velasco and then later expanding into the Unites States by the help of many other Spanish broadcasting shows such as Cristina, Don Francisco, Sábado Gigante, and many other televised shows famous in the 80's and 90's. Marisela's first record release was titled Sin El a production of Enrique Elizondo and songs from the now well known Marco Antonio Solís who composed all the songs of her first hit album. Thanks to the wonderful song writer/composer and singer Marco Antonio Solis, who is one of Mexico's greatest music artists of all time, her romantic CD was an instant hit. "La Pareja Ideal" a duet between Marisela and Marco Antonio Solis is one of her most memorable songs, being promoted while the two were actually dating.




Banda Machos

Fue en 1990 que surgió esta agrupación en el bello poblado de Villa Corona, Jalisco, México y a la fecha, después de que muchos pensaron sería una moda pasajera, el fenómeno musical creado por la Machos ha quedado en el gusto del pueblo y se proyecta al futuro con fuerza; en definitiva, su género y estilo traspasan ya el tiempo y las distancias obteniendo su internacionalización.




Tigrillo Palma

Efrén Aguilar Bernal, known as ‘El Tigrillo Palma’was born in San Sebastián, Sinaloa, México. He discovered his taste for music when he was six years old and at ten he recorded his first album with group ‘Los Vaqueritos de El Baral’, a band he put together with his sister. By that time Efrén lived in México city to promote his music, task he acomplished by performing in some of the greater stadiums and plazas in Mexico and the USA. .With his brother he formed the duet ‘Los Aguilares’, recording two albums. Moving later to Phoenix, Arizona, and in 1998 forming part of the ban ‘Los Cuates de Sinaloa’, where he remained for five years. Finally taking on his own as a solo artist and being known for the song ‘La hummer de Culiacán’.




El Potro de Sinaloa

El Potro de Sinaloa was born José Eulogio Hernandez in San Francisco Sindicatura la Tapias, Sinaloa. José showed great musical promise from an early age, growing up in a household full of musicians, professionals and hobbyists alike. His brother Ignacio "Nacho" Hernandez played with Los Amables del Norte, and offered an apprenticeship of sorts by inviting José to play and record with the group. Another brother, Tomas, known as El Indomable de Sinaloa, enjoyed a short but fruitful career as a recording artist. Surrounded by a talented family, José soon began to distinguish himself as particularly gifted. Performing under the name El Potro de Sinaloa (The Colt of Sinaloa), José soon gained popularity and recognition throughout the region. Known for his unique voice and romantic style, El Potro became an easily recognizable favorite among female listeners stretching from Durango to Jalisco.



German Montero

Germán Montero is a vocalist from the Mexican state of Sinaloa who performs a style of banda music more or less typical of his region. Born on May 21, 1979, in the large coastal city of Los Mochis, he cites Vicente Fernández, Pedro Infante, and Joan Sebastían as major influences. Montero made his full-length album debut, Pensando en Ti, in 2009 on Univision. The song "Amantes Escondidos" was released as a single and became a hit, charting stateside on both Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks and Latin Regional Mexican Airplay tallies.



For more info. visit his website: Profile on Myspace



La Arrolladora Banda el Limon

La Arrolladora Banda El Limón were formed by clarinet player René Camacho, who became involved in local traditional Mexican music in the mid-'60s. This Mazatlán, Sinaloa-based act got international recognition during the '90s, becoming a top-selling group. Also known simply as Banda El Limón, this 17-piece band's album, Más Arrolladora Que Nunca, achieved gold status in 1998. After issuing Corridos Arrolladores, Fernando Camacho produced Simplemente...Arrolladora, which was released in 2000 by Sony Discos.



For more info. visit his website: Profile on Myspace


Los Rieleros del Norte

Los Rieleros del Norte have been one of the top bands in traditional Mexican music. Their specialty is norteño, an exuberant, often sentimental style that is also known as conjunto or Tex-Mex. Norteño is the Spanish word for "northern" and Mexicans refer to norteño/conjunto as "musica del norte" (music of the north) because it was created north of the Mexican border -- Texas, to be exact. Anyone who has spent time in Texas, California, Arizona, or any other place that has a large Mexican population has no doubt heard the distinctive, instantly recognizable Tex-Mex sound (which is known for its polka beat and use of the accordion). All over Mexico and the southwestern United States, norteño, conjunto, and ranchero music is extremely popular, and those places are where los Rieleros del Norte has the largest fan base.



La Sonora Santanera de Carlos Colorado

La Sonora Santanera's leader, Carlos Colorado, belonged to a local orquesta in his hometown of Barra de Santa Ana, but it was not until he moved to Mexico City that his group, Tropical Santanera, was born. The band played private parties around the city, attracting the attention of promoter Jesús "Palillo" Martínez, who helped them get a gig at the Follies Bergere Theater. The band changed its name to La Sonora Santanera and played a mix of dance-oriented styles, earning a contract with CBS Mexico in 1960.




Creadorez del Pasito Duranguense

It was back in 1996, in the City of Chicago when a group of talented musicians and friends, headed by Alfredo Ramirez Corral and Ismael Mijarez decided to put their talents together and form a musical group. They were co-founders of the internationally known group "Montez de Durango", group that broke all records of assistance and achieved high volume record sales. Now, their love for Mexican music and their will to continue pleasing their thousands of fans, have them present their new image, their new concept, their new name: Los Creadorez Del Pasito Duranguense…Alfredo Ramirez Corral, Ismael Mijarez, Armando Aguirre, Francisco "Paco" Lopez y Cesar Ruelas, together as always.

For more info. visit their website: www.loscreadorezdelpasitoduranguense.com



Espinoza Paz

Espinoza Paz was born on October 29, in La Angostura, a small colorful town just north of Sinaloa, Mexico; he was only 11 years old when he wrote his first song, dedicated to this girl he had a crush on. By the time he was13, he had already written 20 songs, however, it wasn’t until his Father sent him some dollars from the U.S. when he decided to buy his first guitar and learned to play this instrument self-taught. In 1996 he emigrated to Sacramento, California, where his love for music kept on growing while working from cleaning tomatoes to picking oranges, olives and grapes; strenuous jobs for a teenager, without a doubt, but he never ceased to write to this day.

For more info. visit his website: www.espinozapaz.com





The incredibly prolific los Yonics formed in the '80s and has released an album nearly every year since. The group, which includes leader Johnny Ayvar, Jose Manuel Zamacona (vocals, guitar), Mountain Martin (piano), Bruno Ayvar, Oscar Perez, Eduardo Corner (saxophone and flute), and Vincente Martinez (saxophone and flute) was formed in San Luis Pedro but relocated to Acapulco. The band has proven to be incredibly popular with Mexican immigrants in the American Southwest, especially Los Angeles, San Jose, Phoenix, and El Paso, where its brand of tropical/Cumbia music is often performed in local ballrooms. Los Yonics mixes tropical music with softer ballads, and the combination has earned them several hits over their long career, including "I Am," "Sad Words," and "White Roses."

For more info. visit their website: Profile on Myspace/




Carina Ricco

Born in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico of Spanish and Italian origin, carina spent her childhood in Argentina, where she began exploring the world of music as a very young child. She started her professional musical career, in earnest, once back in Mexico as a teenager. In 1993 she released her first solo album, “Del Cabello a los Pies” (Head to Toe), and toured Central and South America. She is most proud of her performances at the “Viña del Mar Festival”, where she was her country’s representative. In 1997 she released "Sueños Urbanos" (Urban Dreams), the album in which we discover more about Carina as songwriter with themes composed by her. Her single "Solo Quiero" reached the pinnacle of popularity. Despite interest from major record labels carina chose to start her own record company. In 2009 Damselfly Records gives birth to "viaje personal". carina is a singer, musician and composer with versatile talent who has also explored film, theatre and television, both as an actress and as a producer.

For more info. visit her website: www.carinaricco.com



Romina arena

The only Female "POPERA" Artist in the World!! From personal tragedy to Stardom The amazing and talented Romina Arena has overcome adversity to become a true Star the world over. At the tender age of fifteen she suffered a vicious attack at the hand of a jealous Entertainer in Italy having her throat cut and vocal cords severed, rendering her comatose for more than 18 months. Romina with true determination not only survived the attack, but also completely recovered to become a European Superstar with a five octave vocal range. Romina’s musical talents and abilities have long been known to music industry leaders worldwide and most recently in the US market. Her voice has inspired many of our top industry producers to be involved in her latest projects.

For more info. visit her website: www.rominaonline.com/




Gioel Enriquez

Gioel began his dance training through an out-reach program offered by California DanceArts within his school. He attended the school's summer program and was swiftly awarded a partial scholarship for more intensive dance training and a place in the California Theatrical Youth Ballet. He performed as a Capulet in Romeo and Juliet and as the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. As a self-taught gymnast, he thrilled audiences with daring feats of faith, performing the role of Gypsy Boy in the 2003 Snow Queen production. In the 2004 production, Gioel delivers even greater excitement in the newly choreographed role of the Crow 2005- 2009. Additionally, Gioel is a personal trainer and fitness coach.

For more info. visit his website: Profile on Myspace








El Grito de independencia
Celebrate with us the Mexican independence!

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